Tan Ky Old House – A Living Museum In Hoi An

Tan Ky Old House


Hoi An is a must-visit destination for international tourists, known for its vibrant lanterns and a perfect blend of Eastern and Western architecture. Among the many attractions in Hoi An, Tan Ky Old House stands out and contributes greatly to its fame. Situated at 101 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, this house is over 200 years old and holds the distinction of being Hoi An’s national heritage site, visited by both national and international leaders.

Tan Ky Old House
Tan Ky ancient house

What make Tan Ky Old House is special

Tan Ky Old House holds a special place due to its rich history and unique features. The name itself, which means “progress shop,” reflects the owner’s desire for a prosperous business. Despite the passage of time and natural wear, successive generations have made tremendous efforts to preserve the house, making it the most well-preserved historic house in Hoi An.

The house is predominantly constructed using wood, with stones from Thanh Hoa providing support. The combination of wood and stone has ensured the integrity of the architecture over the centuries. Additionally, the use of Bat Trang’s floor bricks offers a cool ambiance in summer and warmth during winter.

Old House is a testament to the craftsmanship of skilled artisans from the renowned carpentry village of Kim Bong. The intricate details and structure of the house reflect both its cultural significance and Oriental messages.

What to visit in Tan Ky Ancient house

Visitors to Tan Ky Ancient House will discover a blend of Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese architectural styles, showcasing its unique charm. Symbolic elements such as the triple-beam structure representing heaven, earth, and humanity, or the five round blocks symbolizing the five natural elements, demonstrate the harmonious relationship between humans and nature.

Despite the passage of time and the ravages of war, many original features of the house have been preserved. The brick exterior, tile roof, storage areas, and Bat Trang brick flooring have remained intact.

The house consists of various sections, each serving a distinct purpose. The courtyard provides ventilation, a connection to nature, and collects rainwater. The intricately carved wooden balcony supports the courtyard.

Upon entering, visitors will be captivated by Khong Tu’s cup with its simple yet profound decoration. It carries a philosophical message, urging contentment and discouraging greed.

One unique feature of Tan Ky House is the absence of windows, yet visitors feel comfortable inside due to the “Gieng Troi” construction, which allows natural light and ventilation.

Best way to visit Tan Ky House

Lastly, Tan Ky Old House is conveniently located near the Japanese Bridge. Visitors can easily reach it by walking down Binh Duong Street to Nguyen Thai Hoc Street. To enhance their trip, tourists can rent a motorbike from Hoi an to Hue to visit hoi an town and top gear of center, savoring renowned dishes like Cao Lau or Hoi An chicken rice. For a taste of rustic life, a visit toTra Que village is highly recommended.

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